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Get more Creative

bulb-on-the-ceiling-1495500-1280x960In an era where things change by the second, it is necessary that we prepare our minds to ideate instantly and also productively. The time spent in bringing an idea to reality is getting shorter every day, and this means that one has to always be wearing their creative thinking caps, which will help them get more creative in their thought process. This will help them come up with better and more effective ways to plan and implement their ideas. Creativity is essential to the success of any person or company, large or small. But how do you get more creative? How do you keep innovation coming, and new ideas flowing, especially when you feel like your day-to-day tasks have gotten you into a rut?

Becoming creative is a gradual process, and you can get better at it with practice and patients. Here are a few tips to follow that can gradually make you more creative in your approach to your ideas:

Ask questions and suggestions from everyone

We are living in an age of concepts and ideas so it is always important to keep an open mind to people and their thoughts. No matter how big or small a company might be, every individual in your company is adding some form of value and therefore has a mind of their own. Every individual thinks differently. People with different backgrounds, personalities, and interests bring different contributions when discussing new ideas. Also, the more questions we ask, the greater the chances of coming up with something new or connecting two things that hadn’t been connected before. It is important to inculcate a culture of creative thinking, because if each and every mind in your organization is thinking, then there is a better chance for you to get that unique idea or solution that you were looking for.

Get uncomfortable

Yes, that is correct! We are so caught up and relaxed with our daily routines that our mind has stopped thinking and being inquisitive. When you feel uncomfortable or are in an uncomfortable situation, your mind and body has to react differently than it normally does. Your mind goes into a rapid thinking mode and starts searching for answers or solutions. This can bring new ideas not only to your inception or business, but to your life as well. Such uncomfortable stations helps your brain dig into new topic and become more inquisitive and this can eventually help you to take a dive in a new direction to find new ideas. An example of an uncomfortable situation is to try to learn a skill that you hate i.e. something that you think you could never learn or master.

Stop multitasking

Multitasking reduces efficiency and the quality of work, also recent research shows it actually lowers your IQ. So when you have to get something done, just focus on the task at hand for best results. Also, one needs to keep in mind that a human brain can only focus and concentrate for 90-120 minutes at a time, before it needs a break. So you might be doing a lot of things at the same time, and without breaks, but not quiet effectively. Focusing on one task or job in hand can help you improve your concentration and focus, and eventually take less time to complete. Also, coming back to a job after a quick break can help you fresh up your mind to look at things with a different perspective, and hence give your better ideas and solutions.

Are you Digitally Transformed?

digital transformationWe have reached a stage where digital technologies have become a part of our day-to-day life. Over 2 billion people are connected digitally through the internet and almost 2/3 of businesses around the world have a web/digital presence. The internet is the biggest contributor toward the digital age and has become a bridge, making the world look flat. It has offered a platform for companies, societies and governments to adapt a more digital and real-time presence.

In a more basic theory, digital transformation is more of a concept of “going paperless”.

It is the third and the final stage of embracing digital technologies:

Digital competence → digital literacy → digital transformation

The last stage means when digital usage enables innovation and creativity and not just acts as a support to traditional methods. The other point to note is that successful digital transformation does not happen from bottom up. It must be driven from the top i.e. by the top decision makers and executives.

Major digital transformation initiatives in a business context are centered on re-envisioning business models, customer experience and operational processes. Companies and governments are changing how functions work, redefining how functions interact, and even evolving the traditional boundaries.

Digital globalization

Business and governments are increasingly transforming from multi-national to truly global operations. Digital technology coupled with integrated information is allowing firms to gain global synergies while remaining locally accessible. Managers and business owners of digitally transformed companies feel more empowered to make decisions autonomously, and have gained a broader view of the business through centralized data.

Businesses, societies and governments from around the world are experimenting and benefiting from the practice of digital transformation. Whether it is in the way individuals work and collaborate, the way business processes are executed within and across organizational structures, or in the way the businesses understands and services customers, digital technology provides a wealth of opportunity.

A three-year study conducted by the MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting concluded that around one-third of companies globally have an effective digital transformation program in place, and the number is rapidly increasing. So what are you waiting for? Ask yourself this question – Are you digitally transformed yet?

The Power of Animation

The Power of Animation

Businesses are changing and so are marketing methods.

The science of digital marketing has brought different challenges and opportunities. Animation as a marketing tool is emerging as the most cost effective and favorable tool that can help any business market a message, a brand or an objective.

The power of animation is increasing and it’s highly recommended that all business owners take notice of this innovative and emerging new trend.

Online advertising in specific is using animation videos to market their business with a touch of creativity and imagination.
There was a time when animation was limited to those with massive production budgets, but current technology trends has introduced new opportunities and you no longer need a big studio or access to television broadcast channels to create and distribute animation.
The three important benefits of animation in the digital marketing world:

  • Animated videos help viral marketing & easy video sharing: Viral video marketing campaigns increase click through rates by almost 800%. 70% of people who watch online videos will, in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends, hence making your content go viral.
  • SEO and animated Video go hand-in-hand: Google owns You Tube, so a presence on You Tube or any of the famous video sharing websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion etc, gives you almost 60% higher likelihood of a Google front-page search result. You can also add keyword tags to your animated videos so that the Google crawling mechanism works most effectively on your content.
  • Exponential increase in conversion rate: 70%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product animation video. On an average, people will stay 1.5 minutes longer on your website when engaged with an animation. You have a chance to grab their attention and communicate using a powerful mix of pictures, motion, text, voice, sound effects and music in a short amount of time, and all of this is possible through a simple animation.

There is a difference between live action video and an animation and the key is “Imagination”! A well thought of script with a marketing plan is important while creating an animation video. So always plan and prepare for production, and remember, Animation has no boundaries!

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Dawn of the Conceptual Age

Gone are the days when business and leadership relied on the information, where knowledge, expertise and technical skills where king. We are now entering a whole new world: an age where the right brain rules the left, the age of creativity and concept.

Considering the speed of change and the complexity that results from it, we need to go beyond just knowledge or expertise. The top businesses of the future will excel at creative problem solving and different ways of thinking and ideation — blending seemingly diverse things together for better solutions, using allegories to explain new ideas for which no framework yet might exist.

In an age where creativity is key; here are a few points to remember:

1. Strategic Imagination or dreaming with purpose: The current business world is so deeply entangled in their busy work schedules that their ability to think and plan long term has diminished. Future businesses of the conceptual age need to learn to actively imagine future possibilities and create scenarios to act on them.

2. Provocative Inquiry or the ability to ask unsettling questions: The power of transformation lies on our ability to ask questions that make us rethink the obvious. To make people stop and think, businesses need to ask better questions. Questions should encourage curiosity and motivate minds that can create new ideas and think “out of the box”.

3. Creative problem solving or the use of best practices from unexpected sources to create fresh solutions: Business should always keep their minds open for new and fresh ideas. Dependability of management or executive teams would diminish our possibility of searching for innovative solutions. A holistic approach would motivate critical thinking and would open the dam for ideas from all possible sources.

4. Contingency and resilience: In a world where change is inevitable, a PLAN B or C or D is utmost critical. In addition businesses will also need to demonstrate tenacity and courage in the face of barriers. Leaders who are fearless will surely give their organizations a competitive edge in the Conceptual Age.