Redefining Singularity

Originally propagated as a mathematical theory, the term Singularity has gone through a series of changes and has been finally redefined at the Singularity University: According to the researches at the institute, the concept of Singularity relates to the unexpected moments of dramatic technological change and the need to foresee their implications and opportunities.

It is defined as the point in time when computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence, due to rapid and accelerating developments within and between science and technology fields.

The growing technologies been discussed are:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Robotics
• Nanotechnology
• Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
• Medicine & Neuroscience
• Networks & Computing Systems
• Energy & Environmental Systems

The university offers three main types of program: graduate, FutureMed and the Executive Program. The programs are funded and sponsored by corporate such as NASA, Google, Nokia, Autodesk, IDEO, LinkedIn, ePlanet Capital, and the X-Prize Foundation.

With a clear cut mission, the University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a new generation of leaders who strive to understand and utilize exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.


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