What is your motivation?

In order to understand what motivates you when starting a business, you need to get complete clarity on what motivates you, what you hope to accomplish and what are you risks. This is what will keep focused when you face hurdles during the process.

The list below explores possible motivations and how they impact on you and your desire to succeed:

  • Challenge: Do you decisively take on initiatives that will stretch you and provide learning opportunities?
  • Pride: Is pride in yourself and your work a powerful motivator?
  • Passion: Does passion and love for what you do, give you the drive to be able to work through the challenges?
  • Credibility: Do you see your business idea as a way to strengthen your credibility?
  • Expectations: Are you anxious about fulfilling the needs of others or what others will think about you if you fail?
  • Society: Are you driven by the desire to solve a common problem or improve the lives of others?
  • Family: Are you trying to build a legacy you can pass down to your children?
  • Money: Is wealth, paying off debts, or living luxuriously a motivator for you?

The moment you know what motivates you to take this courageous step of starting your business, and you’re ready to make difficult decisions, then you would have more clarity, and you will be less likely to lose your focus and forget why you embarked on this journey in the first place.


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  1. I think challenge is my best answer.

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