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5 key elements of an ideal business plan

Business plans are the most important starting points for any new venture or start-up. This document acts as a formal statement that defines your business goals and the plan to reach those goals. Ideally, it should also contain background information about the team that is attempting to reach those goals. A well written business plan […]

Raising money for a small business

Every entrepreneur has unique ideas and is constantly finding different ways to make people believe in those ideas. Every unique business idea comes with BIG risks: risks associated with finance, manpower, technical know-how, industry experience and government regulations. Small Business setup involves careful planning and financing a small business is by far the most challenging obstacles […]

Top 5 Small Business Ideas for stay-at-home folks

Are you a stay-at-home kind of a person? Are you a single mother or a stay at home dad? Have you always wanted to start your own home based business and be an entrepreneur? Or are you just looking to make some extra bucks by doing something on the side? Well, there is good news! […]

Getting LEAN

The typical way to start a new business or venture is to first get started with a clear cut business plan, then pitch the idea to potential investors, gather a team, introduce a service or a product and finally start selling as hard as you can. Well, according to a new research done by Harvard […]

Top 5 online business directories of Canada

A professional online presence has become the most important elements of any business. Smart devices and location-based applications have brought customers closer to their local businesses. Over 15 million Canadians use their smart device to access information on local businesses every day. So it is crucial that local businesses take advantage of this opportunity of […]

Small Business Visa Wars

Hiring foreign employees has always been a tough task for US small business employers. The demand for skilled workers is ever increasing in the small business industry. Founders and entrepreneurs of start-ups have to face an ongoing challenge of finding qualified talent that is ready for hire. Large technology companies such as Microsoft Corp. and […]

Time to build a website

According to a recent survey done by a marketing company called Yodel, 50% of small businesses around the world still don’t have websites. Think about it! Never before has the world been able to connect and collaborate across the globe so easily. Also, when was the last time you wanted to search for something? Well […]

Top five accounting tools for small businesses

Accounting and budgeting are the most essential parts of any small businesses setup. Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for easy-to-use tools that helps them manage their day-to-day accounting, financing, invoicing and budgeting tasks. With emerging new technologies and the introduction of cloud based computing, it is important to choose a robust tool that […]

Is your Corporation Socially Responsible?

In the past few years, great emphasis has been given to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, precisely defined in terms of the responsiveness of businesses to stakeholders’ legal, ethical, social, economical and environmental expectations. Over the last decade, there have been number of companies worldwide that have started promoting their business through Corporate Social […]

The importance of a PMO (Project Management Office)

If your organization is into offering project management services then sooner or later you would need to setup a PMO (project management office) within your business. A PMO is a department, division or a group within an organization that defines, executes and maintains the standard process and procedures that are related to project management. Project […]


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