Get in the Game with Video Marketing

Did you know that online Video Marketing is going to soon supplement traditional Television Advertising?

A recent finding has shown increased synergy between TV and digital video format when used together in cross media marketing campaigns. Online video marketing continues to develop dramatically and soon we will see it evolve from its support role onto the most important component of media buying and planning process.

In a recent study, comScore examined the reach of video marketing within the online population as well as among the total US population, and divided it in terms of age groups:

YouTube is the clear leader in the online video market today, drawing 146 million viewers in March 2012. Other leading publishers of video content include Yahoo! (61 million viewers that month), VEVO (51 million) and Facebook (45 million). The average monthly audience for online video content is steady at around 180 million people, the degree to which users engage with online video has increased dramatically in the past year.

A digital marketing plan without an online video marketing component is incomplete. Now-a-days, businesses and brands are understanding the need of going online with video and are also planning there media buying initiatives accordingly. So it is about time that you get in the game too.

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  2. Video marketing is a great way to begin marketing, and whats even better is lately a lot of tools have been created for those who are not technically inclined and have no video camera. I have recently found a lot of text to video type services that have helped me tons.

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