We keep hearing stories about rich businessmen and corporations around the world opening up Swiss bank accounts and parking loads of money into international banks. We probably wonder about the amount of money these international banks make out of foreign savings and investments. With new businesses emerging out of different industries and economies, International banking […]

Big data – as the name signifies is a general term used to define the rapid growth and availability of structured and unstructured data in all formats. The reason why it has been termed as “big data” is because it defines data sets so large and complex that it cannot be managed by typical data […]

Aaron Swartz or now more popularly known as “The Internet’s Own Boy”, was the man behind the development of the web feed technology called RSS and the also the social news website Reddit. Aaron was also known to be an Internet Hacktivist, a computer programmer, writer and a political organizer. On the evening of January […]

Movies have always been an inspiration to business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. It gives them ideas, new insights and sheer motivation to go out there and make that move. Sales, as a concept has always been a topic of debate in any business environment. No matter how big or small a company might be, sales […]

Web content management, as the name signifies is a web-based software system that provides website with authoring, administration, publishing and collaboration tools specifically designed to allow users to manage website content without having any programming or coding knowledge. Almost all these web-based systems use a content repository or a database to store page content, metadata, […]

When you think of inmates or prisoners, we think about people who have made bad choices in life, people who are an outcast, or more so, individuals that are considered a misfit in a civilized society. Well, wait till you here the story of Frederick Hutson: the 29 year old prison inmate who currently owns […]

Giving effective presentations is an art and one can get good at it with experience and the right attitude. Everyone can speak to a set of audience , but few can do it right and leave a lasting impression.  The central purpose of any form of presentation, written, visual or oral, is communication. To communicate […]


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